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Nos plateformes technologiques

où se retrouvent au quotidien les cliniciens et les scientifiques de l’IPC et du CRCM.

Pour conduire leurs recherches mais aussi améliorer au quotidien le diagnostic, le traitement et le suivi des patients, les cliniciens et les scientifiques de l’IPC et du CRCM bénéficient d’ingénieries et de plateformes technologiques de pointe qui couvrent tous les modèles et les échelles d’analyse.

A continuum of models and scales

To conduct their research but also improve the daily diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients, clinicians and scientists at the IPC and the CRCM enjoy engineering and advanced technology platforms that cover all models and scales of analysis.

In addition to the medical imaging platform, the pathobiology laboratory and the tumor bank of the Institute, they have access, on the site or nearby, to all technologies that contribute to the discovery and development of biomarkers and new therapeutic targets: genomics (high throughput sequencing, microarray, multiplex PCR, comparative genomic hybridization and cancer genetics), proteomics, two-hybrid screening, cell imaging in vitro and in vivo, immunomonotoring, bioinformatics and biostatistics.

To facilitate and expedite the preclinical and clinical evaluation of new compounds there are also three specialized platforms: ETOH, a unit Labelled by INCa, dedicated to early clinical trials, the preclinical evaluation platform TrGET® and the Department of Clinical Research and Innovation that collects, stores and exploits all data collected during clinical trials of the Institute.